Systemair Corporate

Expanding market creating opportunities for growth

Systemair operates in a global market where demand for ventilation products and price growth are affected by both global driving forces and shorter-term trends. In the past year, demand for ventilation products worldwide increased. This is creating good growth opportunities for Systemair. Forces in the world today include continuing population growth and the migration of people from rural to urban areas and from one country to another in the face of wars and other crises.

Long-term, global driving forces

Cities are growing and the need for renovation of existing housing stock and for building new homes, commercial premises and infrastructure is rising. This is generating strong demand for ventilation solutions. In the wake of ongoing climate changes, the environmental issue has emerged as an increasingly important driving force in society, and energy-efficient solutions are in demand. A good, healthy indoor climate remains high on the agenda. Digitisation, in which computers and the Internet are being used for more and more purposes, is fuelling demand for ventilation and cooling in data centres. Developments in the world economy affect the capacity to invest in new building and redevelopment, which affects the construction market in general and therefore also the ventilation market.

Trends and local factors in demand

New regulations and standards in, for example, energy, safety and ventilation in a country or region affect the demand for ventilation products to a high degree. One current example of this is Norway, where new safety regulations for tunnels have meant that many tunnel fans will have to be replaced. Another example is the Energy-related Products Directive, under which electric motors in fans and air handling units will have to be replaced to satisfy the requirements that will have to be met by 2020. The demand from customers in the ventilation market is more for complete system solutions than before. They want help with choosing products from the wide range of products available today. In addition, demand is rising for after-market support, such as post-warranty service. Greater quality awareness globally has also emerged. In addition, demands are also being made for longer service life in low-cost products. Rising demand for fast deliveries is also evident, reflecting the fact that although in many cases decisions on major construction and infrastructure projects are a long time in the making, once the decision is taken the time for completion is short.

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