Systemair Corporate

Systemair delivers energy-efficient products

Today, people spend on average 90 percent of their time indoors and buildings account for 40 percent of the EU’s total energy consumption. The big challenge for the ventilation industry lies in how to improve the indoor climate while lowering energy consumption. The hallmarks of Systemair's products are high quality, a long service life and low energy consumption.

To Systemair, it is vital to constantly engage in developing new ventilation products and solutions to meet the future needs of the market. We have to stay one step ahead of our competitors, choose the right ideas and develop those that fit with Systemair’s know-how and resources, and lastly do this quicker than others.

Systemair’s mission statement places product development at the forefront. The Group’s mission is to develop high-quality, reliable ventilation products with a long service life, that are energy-efficient and improve the indoor climate. They must be simple to choose, install and maintain.

To fulfil this mission, Systemair has created an efficient product development process and an organisation comprising 230 engineers and technicians with leading-edge expertise in a range of technologies. 23 technology teams and 13 technology centres are engaged in product development worldwide. 

Our leading-edge expertise provides Systemair with the credibility to participate in the design of new standards, to drive certification issues and to influence decision-makers. The Group also receives requests to take part in the design of new energy-efficient homes, office areas and buildings, thanks to our advanced expertise in energy-efficient ventilation.

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