Systemair Corporate


Take Initiative
At Systemair we always strive to be proactive and take responsibility. The culture at Systemair is to reward initiative although a result is not always realized. We seek information, look for relevant facts, obtain solutions and contribute were necessary.  

Make Decisions
We dare to make brave decisions and we base our decisions on relevant available facts. We are loyal to decisions which are taken until we decide on something else. The organization is characterized by resolution and practicability, we involve colleagues when making decisions to improve the outcome – “No one is wise as all of us”. 

Chosen Strategy
We are loyal to decisions which are made and stick to our chosen strategy. Local strategy will be in line with the overall goals and strategy for the group. At Systemair, we know exactly what market position to target. We sell our chosen product range through the defined customer platform in each market - “The Straight Way”. We look continuously for growth providing products from our factories, using the group’s tools in marketing, CRM, and product selection tools. We always respond promptly to enquiries and we dare to say no to orders. 


Straight Way

It’s deep in the soul of Systemair to make it easy, simplify, and look for “The Straight Way”. From the very beginning this was the basic philosophy of the group. For the organization this has been a way of continuously looking for improvements and saving resources. Targeting “The Straight Way” has been a goal and working method in all processes in the companies, to improve and to be as effective as possible. When interacting with people “The Straight Way” means we voice our opinion and remain loyal to decisions which are taken. At the same time we talk to people and not about people.  

Systematic Approach
We take on tasks pragmatically and systematically, allowing us an energetic approach to upcoming challenges. Tidy and good order makes the job easier, from experience we know a tidy environment contributes to higher effectiveness and better performance. Good order has been a significant value of Systemair throughout the years and has resulted in making us an attractive employer, supplier and partner. In daily sales development we follow the Systemair Sales model by using the customer platform, sales support system, product database and ERP system.

Standardized Products
Systemair provide standardized and robust products, which are simple to select, install and maintain. At a very early stage, we created a basic product range, which enabled us to benefit from the economy of scale which resulted in making everyday work simpler for our self and our customers. Today we have grown into a bigger and more complex product range, but we continue to strive for economy of scale, and still we are looking to standardize our products. It is a fundamental requirement that the sales force focus on the groups manufactured products.


Clear communication
We keep our promises by providing clear professional information throughout the entire business cycle which includes quotation, order confirmation, technical documentation etc. We communicate in a clear, concise and respectful manner both internally and externally.  We follow this policy also when it comes to our competitors, both directly and about them and communicate in a concise and respectful manner. It is our right and duty to voice our opinion but to remain loyal to decisions once they have been taken. 

Product Reliability
Systemair is a part of the building industry and our role is to provide the market with products. We deliver the best quality for the given price in the marketplace. Our customers will not get any negative surprises when receiving a product from us. It will at least be as good or better than their expectation. We are recognized for professionalism in the complete process from design, R&D, purchasing, production, logistics, sales and after sales.  We have a strong focus on energy efficient performance when developing our products which contributes to a reduced carbon footprint in the future. We are the safe choice.

Collective Responsibility
Combined individual responsibility results in collective effectiveness. Employees are to fulfill individual tasks and contribute to the achievement of common goals. It is a common responsibility to ensure adequate competence levels in the company. All of us have a clear role for which we are fully responsible. In Systemair, we have a culture of respecting each other, and we benefit from each other’s unique skills. Together we are in keeping our promises and walk an extra mile when necessary. Remember, collective responsibility begins with you as an individual. Start within the individuals.

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