Systemair Corporate

Focus on sustainability

Systemair aims to become more sustainable and to contribute to a sustainable society. We will do this by developing energy-efficient products and by focusing continuously on improving our processes, for example with regards to energy consumption, a safe work environment and fair working conditions.

The UN’s global sustainability goals are the focus of our work on sustainability. The 17 goals are to be achieved by 2030, and the concept of sustainable development integrates the three dimensions of sustainability: social, economic and environmental.

Based on how we affect our world, Systemair has identified which of the global sustainability goals are most relevant to the business. By actively focusing on the global goals, we can become a more successful company, while at the same time contributing to sustainable development in society.

Measurement and reporting

Systemair reports on its work on sustainability in accordance with the international guidelines in the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards: Core level. Our ambition is to continue developing our follow-up and reporting in the area of sustainability. The extended measurements started in 2017/18 continued in 2018/19. Our goals and strategies for work on sustainability will in future focus on our products and their life cycles.

Sustainability goals

Systemair’s most important UN Global sustainability goals:

Equal gender opportunity

  • Increased equal opportunity and diversity

Good jobs and economic growth

  • Good working conditions and safe workplaces
  • Training and career opportunities for our employees
  • Good financial return for Systemair

Sustainable cities and communities

  • Development of energy-efficient products
  • Safe material choices and compliance with legislation in our products
  • Better indoor climate for people in homes, commercial premises and other areas
  • Local presence and contributing to social development in our markets

Responsible consumption

  • Reduced resource consumption in our production via metal recovery and minimisation of waste
  • Zero tolerance of bribery and corruption
  • Assessment of suppliers
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