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Corporate Governance

Systemair AB is a Swedish public limited liability company, so its corporate governance is based on Swedish rules and legislation, mainly the Swedish Companies Act, NASDAQ OMX Stockholm’s regulations, the Swedish Code of Corporate Governance, the articles of association and other rules and regulations.

Application of the Swedish Code of Corporate Governance ("the Code")

It is generally accepted practice in the stockmarket for Swedish companies whose shares are listed for trading in a regulated market to apply the Code. Systemair applies the Code with the following exceptions: 

  • The AGM has appointed a nominating committee consisting of three of the largest shareholders. The chairman of the nominating committee is the Company's majority shareholder, Gerald Engström, who owns 42.3% of the share capital and votes in Systemair via his wholly owned company Färna Invest AB. Engström is also Chairman of the Board of Directors. The second largest shareholder, ebm-papst AB, owns 21.3% of the capital and votes and is represented on the nominating committee by Gerhard Sturm.
  • The Code states for example that the majority of the members of the nominating committee must be independent of the Company and company management. Further, the chairman of the nominating committee must not be a director of the company.
  • However, the majority of the members of Systemair's nominating committee are not independent, which is a deviation from the Code. The Company's judgement is that the said arrangement is in the interests and to the benefit of the Company and the other shareholders.

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