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Development and manufacturing

Systemair’s products create a healthy and comfortable indoor climate with the lowest possible energy consumption.

The purpose of Systemair’s products is to create a healthy indoor climate.

This means above all two things:
Firstly, Systemair’s products create a healthy and comfortable indoor climate. This may involve anything from maintaining clean air at the right temperature in schools to effective evacuation of fire gases in buildings or exhaust gases in tunnels.
Secondly, we develop products that make this possible with the lowest possible energy consumption. This, in turn, reduces both the burden on the environment and life cycle costs for customers. Simple installation, operation and maintenance of products create further value for our customers. 

Focused development process

A successful development process focusing on market need and shortening the time to market for a product represent one of Systemair’s competitive advantages. Success depends on both high efficiency in work and ensuring that we set the right priorities in choice of development projects. We have established a standard, Group-wide product development process – from generation of ideas and development to certification, production preparation and launch – to maximise the benefit of the time we invest. The development projects for every individual product area are selected and prioritised via our system for strategic product planning. Decisions are based on what offers most value to Systemair, from the criteria of customer need, strategic importance, potential profitability and the prevailing conditions in terms of expertise and resources.