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Sustainability strategy

In our value chain, we pay great attention to being a responsible enterprise. For our employees, we strive to provide a sustainable workplace while always working towards more sustainable operations through the reduction of our carbon footprint. Our overall commitment stretches over all three sustainability dimensions: environmental, social and governance (ESG).

Our Sustainability Framework

As a core part of our strategy, sustainability is an integral part of our business, enabling a holistic approach that creates value for all our stakeholders. Our sustainability framework focuses on four areas that contribute to ten of the sustainable development goals (SDGs).

Responsible Enterprise


  • Systemair ensures that business decisions accord with applicable laws and in all cases are taken in an ethical and responsible way.
  • Systemair operates a policy of zero tolerance of bribery and corruption.
  • Systemair applies sustainability requirements to suppliers and partners and manages sustainability risks relating to the supply chain.


  • Zero incidents of corruption
  • For 2025: All our largest suppliers comply with our Supplier Code of Conduct

Sustainable Workplace


  • Systemair has a vision of zero injuries and works systematically to reduce the number of work-related injuries each year.
  • Systemair offers employees the opportunity to advance through competence development, additional training and annual performance reviews.
  • Systemair works to create a workplace that is free of harassment, has an inclusive culture and actively promotes equal opportunity and diversity.


  • Zero work-related injuries leading to sickness absence
  • For 2025: At least 25 percent female leaders

Sustainable Operations


  • Systemair strives to reduce its emissions of greenhouse gases from operations.
  • Systemair strives to improve the energy efficiency of its facilities and operations.
  • Systemair cares about the environment and works to minimise the company’s impact.

Targets for 2030

  • 50 percent reduction in emissions intensity in Scopes 1 and 2, with 2019/20 as base year

Sustainable Products


  • Systemair offers energy-efficient solutions that help to reduce energy needs and lower greenhouse gas emissions from buildings.
  • Systemair contributes to better public health by improving the indoor climate.
  • Systemair strives to reduce the negative environmental impact of its products by using sustainable materials and by designing from a life cycle perspective.

Targets for 2030

  • Reduction of 25 TWh in energy usage from buildings, aggregated over a 10-year period

Sustainable Development Goals

We contribute to ten of the United Nation’s Global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Read more about how we contribute here.

Read more about how we contribute here