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We create better air. Everyday.

By delivering energy-efficient and sustainable products and by being your most efficient and helpful partner in mastering your indoor quality challenges, we fulfill our mission.

A sustainable strategy and our strategic focus create room for continued growth and to reach the financial goals. Our core values are critical to progress. 

Strategic enablers:

Develop people and strong relations

We must provide an attractive workplace with an inclusive culture where employee development and entrepreneurial spirit are promoted. This internal strength gives us the prerequisites to build strong relationships based on expertise and trust.

Attractive offer built on standardized platforms

We provide a wide range of quality products, based on standardized platforms with energy efficiency and indoor air quality as a guiding light. Our products must enable connected and smart solutions.

Efficient business setup with continuous improvement

We will improve our profitability by taking advantage of economies of scale as well as efficient product development that has standardization as a guiding principle. Strong local presence where decision-making is decentralized for agility strengthened by common processes.

Sustainable and future-proof business

We are forward-looking in order to meet tomorrow's demands. Sustainable products are part of that, where we look at the product's entire life cycle to improve resource efficiency and the climate footprint. Our service operations must be strengthened as it plays an important role in optimizing the product in operation. Overall, Systemair stands for long-termism and must work for it through sustainable and responsible decisions.

Strong position benefiting from structural growth

We will continue to maintain a global and diversified customer base. It gives us a stable foundation for profitable growth through organic investments and an active acquisition agenda. Systemair is our main brand and other brands are only used when there is a clear business advantage.

Financial targets:



Average annual growth in sales sales growth over a business cycle.



Genomsnittlig Average operating profit margin over a business cycle


Financial strength

Equity/Asset ratio


Share dividend

Dividend in relation of Profit after tax

Core values:


Take initiative

Take decisions

Follow the strategy


Straight way forward

Organisation and structure

Standardised products


Straight forward and Clear communication

We are a safe choice

Collective Responsibility