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Systemair launches new software company in India

October 25, 2007, 08:37
Regulatory information
Systemair launches new software company in IndiaThe ventilation company Systemair has launched  a new software company in India.The company is a joint venture between Systemair (60%) and the Indian softwarecompany Mechartés (40%). The new company, Systemair Software, will developprograms for computer simulation of currents in rooms, energy modelling ofbuildings, simulation of evacuation of CO and CO2 from parking buildings anddevelop software documentation for Systemair´s products.Mechartés is an offshoot from Indian Institute of Technology and developssoftware for the defence and other technical industries.-	We see a large demand for this type of service. Of special interest is thepossibility to simulate the smoke and heat development in parking garages andtunnel fires, where it is very important to have the right ventilation capacityin order to swiftly evacuate the poisonous smoke gases, says Svein Nilsen,Marketing Director for Systemair. We have worked successfully with Merchartés inthe past and have cooperated well with them and have found them to be verycompetent in their field.Details of the new company were presented to a gathering of some 140 invitedguests at the Swedish Embassy in New Delhi. The new company will be lead byManaging Director Mr Shishir Gupta previously of Mechartés.For more information contact:Svein Nilsen, Marketing Director Systemair,  +47 930 627 00Gaurav Vasudev, Managing Director Systemair India, +91 (0) 98 715 66 133Systemair in briefSystemair is a leading ventilation company with its main activities in Europeand in North America. The company turned over 280 MEUR during the financial year2006/2007 and has more than 1700 employees. Systemair has a well establishedpresence in growth markets, especially in Central and Eastern Europe includingRussia. The Group comprises of some 50 companies. The Group´s products are soldunder the brand names Systemair, Frico, VEAB and Fantech. Since the formation ofSystemair in 1974 the company has increased its sales every year, alwaysproducing positive results. During the last ten years the company has achievedan average annual growth of 16 percent. Systemair is listed on the OMX NordicExchange since October 12, 2007