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datacenter cooling, Island

High standards suits Systemair well

Data center cooling (DCC) is a growing application for Systemair. The demands for greater storage capacity for the data servers grows continuously and globally. Demands for 24/7 constant uptime sets high standards that suits Systemair well.

A data centre is a specific space where IT equipment is housed. In this space, the air temperature and humidity is monitored and controlled, the power supply is kept constant and a fire safety system is maintained. Data centres varies in size – from gigantic computer/server halls to a small room in an office building.

Specific demands

When a data centre is designed, specific demands are made for the ventilation and cooling system used. The system must maintain a constant temperature and air humidity in the space to minimize the chance of operational disruptions. Preferably it should be capable of recovering the heat generated by the IT equipment for use in heating other parts of the building. The products in the system must also be energy-efficient, to minimize energy costs and climate impact. Cooling equipment and air handling units must be designed for installation wherever space is available, outdoors or indoors. In the event of fire, the ventilation system must prevent the spread of toxic smoke gases.

- Safety, maximum uptime and energy efficiency is key, says Pär Johansson, Business Development Director, DCC at Systemair. Constant uptime means that precise and reliable operations, easy maintenance and installation are prerequisites. And also maximum energy efficiency due to the fact that cooling accounts for high costs. 30-40 % of energy consumed in a data centre is for cooling and ventilation.

Energy efficiency

As data centres grow in size and so use more energy, they create a growing need for energy efficient products and solutions. Systemair can supply complete product packages that satisfy the exacting requirements for ventilation and cooling in data centres.

Systemair has assembled a team of experts who specialize solely in this sector. Sales in data centre cooling are increasing and product development is an ongoing activity at Systemair to ensure that the Company can remain a recognized supplier in the sector in the future.

- Systemair is trusted as a sustainable, eco-friendly company, Pär Johansson continues. This is increasingly important for our market. We are well-known for our work to reduce the impact on the environment from our business and our products. By reducing our own consumption of energy and materials and staying at the forefront in the use of smart manufacturing technology we can offer high efficient products and solutions, contributing to our customers projects.

Systemair has delivered many different specific solutions to different customers, for instance right now a range of cooling and ventilation solutions are prepared for delivery in the Middle East. Large orders are also shipped to Iceland and South Africa.

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