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Investments for the future

One of Systemair's strategies is to invest for the future. Investments can take different forms, such as investments in increased production or testing capacity. Read more about some of our investments for the future.

Czech Republic

The Recutech manufacturing site in the Czech Republic is quite new. The facility space in Pardubice is 20 000 square meters and was finished last year in just one year. 2VV, that is another Systemair company in the Czech Republic, rents since the end of 2021 a part of the new Recutech facility. They have a 3 750 square meters warehouse, and a new 2 000 square meters testing laboratory with: Acoustic chamber; Airflow and pressure test rig (12 000 m3/h; 800Pa); Thermal efficiency and condensation rig.

The 2VV site will be extended to a total area of 17 000 square meters, from which the production area would be 8 700 square meters. The new premises will be rented, however some important investments will be done: A new Salvagnini sheet metal processing line at the cost of EUR 2,5mil; and an new painting line for EUR 1,1mil.

The new automation solutions will remove the production bottleneck, and production capacity and capability will increase. The production capacity, thanks to the bigger production area and new automation, could be doubled or even tripled. The product portfolio for this new factory will be air handling units (140 m3/h – 14.000 m3/h), air curtains and air heaters.



Systemair has invested in a Data Cooling Center (DCC) testing laboratory at the production plant in Dilavasi, Turkey. The laboratory has the highest capacity for DCC tests in Europe. It is named “365 Performance Center” and the name comes from the ability to provide 365 days conditioning simulation of the devices for all days and seasons in a year. The main task is to perform factory acceptance tests in-house of the equipment needed in a DCC, which means to measure the overall performance of the system and to reveal problems that may occur in the system under the specified conditions.

The test laboratory can simulate climatic conditions from +45°C summer and -5°C winter conditions regardless of seasonal conditions. The 365 Performance Center was showcased at the Data Center World in 8-9 March 2023 at ExCeL in London. 



Lithuania Systemair has an ongoing building project that when it is finished will double the production area. The investment for this building will be approximately Euro 15-16 Mil. Mindaugas Martisius is MD for Systemair Lietuva.

 - Our project is now in the phase of obtaining building permission, so we have not yet started the construction or done any major investment. Today we have 15 500 square meters in our existing building, the new building will add another 15 000 square meters. So in the future our capacity will be extended to the double. The new building will be used for our organic growth as we’re running out of space and it is also possible that it can be used for other production units in Systemair.

Systemair consists of approximately 90 companys, and there are ongoing investment projects for the future in many of them. It takes various expressions, but they all contribute to our goals to build and sell energy-efficient products that reduces carbon dioxide emissions.