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In one year, our products are estimated to help reduce energy usage by 1.9 TWh. This represents a total reduction in annual carbon dioxide emissions of no less than 500,000 tons. Equivalent to the emissions from 275,000 cars.


Sustainability strategy

As a core part of our strategy, sustainability is an integral part of our business, enabling a holistic approach that creates value for all our stakeholders.

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Key figures 2022/23


Reductions in emissions intensity

Systemair has set a target of cutting its emissions intensity by half latest 2030 compared to 2019. In 2022/23 we have reduced our emissions intensity with 33%.


Reduction of energy usage from buildings

Our products contribute to a reduced energy use in buildings. In one year this corresponds to almost 2 TWh, which is equal to almost 500 000 tons of avoided CO2 emissions.


Women in leading

Diversity is important in all levels of our company. As part of this Systemair has a target of having at least 25% females in managerial positions latest 2025.


Work-related injuries with sickness absence

At Systemair we have vision of zero injruies. We pay extra attention to reducing the injuries that lead to sickness absense.

Our Code of Conduct

As a global company, it is important for Systemair to have a set of common ethical business practices and standards. Systemair's code of conduct is based on trust, loyalty, honesty, good faith and co-operation..

Commitments and assessments

External commitments and assessments are essential in Systemair's continuous work to be a responsible and sustainable business. An outside-in perspective provides important evaluations and insights.

Sustainable Development goals

At Systemair a sustainable development is central and we contribute to that by focusing on our core business and by engaging in initiatives that give a more sustainable future. 


Lee Morgan

Group Sustainability Director

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Solar power investments

To invest in solar panels is not just a statement that Systemair is committed to sustainability, the rising energy prices have also made it increasingly economically favorable.

Engineers of the future

Being a responsible business can take many different forms. It doesn't just have to be about customers, suppliers and employees. It can also be about the ventilation experts of the future.

Reducing our products carbon footprint

Systemair Spain has agreed with its steel supplier to buy “greener” steel. The steel has a 70% lower carbon footprint than 'normal' steel.